"Jon Fuller is the best photo guide ever to work in the Moab area. His knowledge and expertise extend from photography to natural history to the hundreds of location possibilities in our area. Jon and I exchange knowledge constantly, giving you the benefit of both of our lifetimes of experience photographing the grandeur of the Moab landscape. Whatever you're after, Jon knows where it is and when it will be at its best, all the while maintaining the highest respect for our fragile desert ecosystems. Although Jon is an artist himself, you'll also find him to be unassuming, hospitable, and totally committed to providing you with a truly memorable photography experience."

T. T.
Moab, Utah

"A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Jon in conjunction with the Moab Experience, which was co-sponsored by Outdoor Photographer and the Moab Paper Company. Jon was one of the presenters and gave a most interesting and entertaining program. He is a talented photographer and has a very engaging personality. He loves to share his experiences and knowledge of photography, and with his knowledge of the local Moab area, makes an excellent photography guide."

Debra Levine
Associate Publisher

Werner Publishing Corp. / Outdoor Photographer / PC Photo / Digital Photo Pro







"Jon, my experience with you and Moab Photo Tours was very rewarding. Not only are you a friendly and easy-going individual, but your intimate knowledge of locations around the Moab area was truly staggering. Little known petroglyphs and pictographs, native ruins, and a huge variety of locations ideal for sunset and sunrise. And I thought I knew the area well! I certainly hope to return in the future and tap your vast store of photographic locations again..."

Mike Mander
Manager, Digital Imaging Dept.
Beau Photo Supplies, Inc.
Vancouver, BC

"There is no better way to explore both Moab and the art of photography than to spend it with one of Moab's finest photographers and a 'local' who knows the area. Jon's passion for photography is clear from the moment you meet him. I highly recommend Moab Photo Tours to everyone who loves photography and the outdoors."

Gregory Schern
Director of Digital Imaging, Legion Paper


"I would like to thank you again for an incredible experience.  This trip was undoubtedly the high point of my association with photography so far.  The sights you showed me were beautiful beyond description.  Your insight and instruction made the trip even better.  My days with you exceeded my expectations in every way.  I will definitely be back."

Bill M.
Pensacola, FL


I want to thank you once again for the wonderful images I captured. Your kind demeanor and patient teaching techniques make you Utah's best Photo Guide.

S. May

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The trip not only met my expectations but blew them totally out of the water! Waiting below Dead Horse Point for the sun to rise and then shooting the first light was one of the high points of my life.

In addition to being a lot of fun, I can honestly say I walked away a better photographer! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Parsh M.


What a great trip! I really appreciated all your help, your enthusiasm, your knowledge (photography, botany, geology, astronomy, anything else they don't cover). You may have some competition for your business, but the quality of your program will win out every time. I wish you continued success. Again, thanks for providing me with such a great photographic experience.

Jim B.
Hot Springs Village, AR


Well, I don't mind telling you that our time spent with you was probably the highlight of our trip. I really have changed my thinking about photography as a result of listening to you talk about it. I will be spending more enjoyable time learning about this "art", that's for sure.

Don W. & Kristine J.
Charlotte, NC


We drove 5,300 miles from the East Coast and back in 17 days to come see you. And I want to tell you how pleased I was with our wonderful experience with you for the two days last week. It greatly exceeded all my expectations from all aspects! The locations you selected for us were super and I learned much more than I had anticipated about taking photos in low light conditions! The best part was being off the standard tourist trails!! I would recommend you to my camera buddies with absolutely no reservations for future trips!

Again, thank you for a wonderful and rewarding two days. Lindsay and I both thought our time with you was great value for the price and we were both happy with the experience! Thanks again.

Joe D.
Leonardstown, MD

Jon, Thank you for a great trip to Moab. We learnt a lot and got some amazing photos. I really enjoyed the night photography and the star trails. I never imagined I would be able to take such photos, but now since I've seen how it's done, and learnt the technique, I plan to try out some more when I get back to Malaysia.... All in all, we had a great time. Thank you so much.

Nora Y.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia